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Monday, February 12, 2018

Outlast 2 Free Download PC Game

If you are a gamer who thrives playing horror games, you probably have heard of Outlast 2 and how every horror gamer need to play this game. Outlast 2 is a game that directly follows its predecessor, in which you are shoved into a world of horror with nothing to protect yourself. While other horror games such as the critically acclaimed Dead Space or the fan favorite Resident Evil will give your their very own personal tools and weapons to defend themselves, Outlast and Outlast 2 spit on this niche and give you NOTHING but a camera. To further salt your injury, this camera cannot do anything but to light your path. Added to it are enemies that will hunt you down like the rabid dogs they are, your only choice in Outlast 2 is to run or to die.
Outlast 2
Publisher: Red Barrels
Developer: Red Barrels
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Date: 25 Apr, 2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Indie

Outlast 2 Free Download 
Size: 20.7 GB Compressed Download