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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sniper Elite Free Download PC Game

Sniper Elite PC Game

Sniper elite is one of those many shooter pc video games. English Studio Rebellion Developments is the developer and 505 Games is the publisher of this third person shooter pc video game. Sniper elite was released in 2005 and has some series. The newest series was released in February 2017. Stealth and elements of first person shooter are involved if you play sniper elite. Some guns are also used in this shooter game such as rifle and grenade. Some different postures are also available in sniper elite. This shooter pc video game is using tactical strategy, perfect for you who love this kind of game.
Sniper Elite
Publisher: Rebellion
Developer: Rebellion
Available on: Microsoft Windows
Date: 18 Oct, 2005
Genre: Action, Shooter

Sniper Elite Free Download
File Size: 1.94 GB Download