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Monday, July 9, 2018

FIFA 08 Free Download PC Game

FIFA 08 has New Feature, the Pro Skill

We have to admit, FIFA 07 has many problems. Basically, there is Artificial Intelligence problem in this version. However, it seems EA has tried to fix it on FIFA 08 by adding Pro Skill feature.
With Pro Skill feature, you can make your player do really awesome trick using right analog stick. The animation when your player does the Pro Skill trick is really good and smooth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well, if you face against computer. It only works well for human opponent.
With this development, we can expect much better change on FIFA 09. However, it depends on EA, whether they try to improve the performance or visual part.
 Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada
Available on: Microsoft Windows
Date: 27 Sep, 2008
Genre: Sports

FIFA 08 Free Download
Size: 2.70 GB Download