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Sunday, July 8, 2018

FIFA 17 Free Download PC Game

FIFA 17 with Its Journey Theme

FIFA 15 came with its annoying emotional intelligence feature. FIFA 17 will make you involve emotionally. With “The Journey” as the theme, you will control a character that will try to play in Premiership League to get title.

Basically, you have no freedom in choosing the adventure that you want. However, you can still play it normally like what you did on the previous FIFA series. But, most of gamer complains about how good the old series is.

Even though it’s quite troublesome, but the graphic quality is really top notch. It’s really good and smooth. So, we can expect that with new technology, the next series, FIFA 18, can be much better. Or, is it even worse?
FIFA 17 Free Download
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada
Available on: Microsoft Windows
Date: 28 Sep, 2016
Genre: Sports

FIFA 17 Free Download
Size: 34.1 GB Download