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Sunday, July 8, 2018

FIFA 18 Free Download PC Game

FIFA 18 Finally Become Like A Real Game

EA still keep the “The Journey” theme from FIFA 17 on FIFA 18. However, they improve it a lot, which make it more enjoyable, compare to the previous series.

The flaw is the control. It’s not difficult or uncomfortable. However, when you use strong player, like Ronaldo or Messi, you will easily pass your opponent and score. On the other hand, if you face that player, just get ready to have nightmare.

Basically, we can say that FIFA 18 is more like game with less realistic aspect. For seasoned gamer, this aspect make this game feels weird. But, we can say it’s still playable and good game to play.
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada
Available on: Microsoft Windows
Date: 28 Sep, 2017
Genre: Sports

FIFA 18 Free Download
Size: 30.8 GB Download