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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Need for Speed Underground Free Download PC Game

Need for Speed: Underground, The Important Edition in Need for Speed Series

Need for Speed: Underground can be said to be the most innovative edition for the Need for Speed series. This is the first edition, where you can really modify your car.  The car types you can use in this edition are also many. Most of them are import car. They are well-designed and beautiful as well. The modification feature is also pretty much detail. You can change many parts, make a right combination to create better performance and change your car visual. And, the coolest of all is the racing mode. There are many of them, but in the simplest way, they are all street race. These series becomes the development of another edition, such as Need for Speed: Pro Street.
Need for Speed Underground
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Available on: Microsoft Windows
Date: 17 nov, 2003
Genre: Racing

Need for Speed Underground Free Download
Size: 1.15 GB Download